Royal Coffee is pleased is thrilled to announce a SPOT position in Japan. Royal supplies some of the top roasting houses around the globe, from warehouses in Oakland, Seattle, Madison, Houston, Shanghai, Vancouver, and now Japan.

Japanese roasters can enjoy free shipping on our 22 LB (10KG) Crown Jewels and 50 LB (22.6KG) Royal Gem Boxes within Japan. These coffees have been celebrated around the world in coffee competitions, are now available to roasters in Japan.

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We are pleased to offer an assortment of our 2 LB (10KG) Crown Jewels and 50 LB (22.6KG) Royal Gems in Japan. You can check out the entire selection here:

22 LB (10KG) Crown Jewels are distinctive, super-specialty green coffee microlots in 10 kg boxes. Crown Jewels are process and cultivar specific micro-milled selections, chosen specifically for your top-shelf offerings. Each Crown Jewel specialty green coffee box comes with a 5-part analysis covering the producer’s story, green coffee metrics, roast and brew profiles across multiple roasters and brewers, as well as cupping notes from our well calibrated team to help you maximize each roast and brew.

Royal Gems: 22.6KG boxes Royal Gems are specialty green coffees that you can count on to deliver a consistent profile season after season, packaged in easy-to-handle 22.6 lb boxes, curated by our team of expert traders. These coffees celebrate some of our longest-term sourcing relationships. We’ve selected reliable, delicious specialty green coffees that will fit your menu and won’t break the bank (or your back when you move them around your roastery).

To place your order or to request free samples, please contact and . We can provide up to 4 free green samples from within Japan.

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