Friends, Florentines, lend us your time—and join us on Thursday, February 22nd at Accademia del Caffe Espresso, for a special presentation of But First, Coffee, the new book from the founders of Sprudge. Co-founder Jordan Michelman will join the hospitality team at Accademia—a visitors center, museum, and working traditional manufacturing studio dedicated to the art of espresso coffee—for a rousing afternoon of coffee drinks, cuisine, a lively Q&A and some very fun surprises.

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The Accademia del Caffe Espresso

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But First, Coffee was released on October 10th, 2023 on Union Square and Co., and is available wherever books are sold.

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but first coffee book

Photographed in vivid full color by Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen, and accompanied by recipretorial prose by Zachary Carlsen and Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman, But First, Coffee is home to dozens of original recipes and adapted favorites, from Chemex to Nel Drip to Affogato, from cold brew tiramisu and coffee spice rubs to zero proof Irish coffees and coffee Negronis, Hot Toddys and Chartreuse cappuccinos and so much more (including not one but threeespresso martinis, because of course we had to). Along the way we’ll advise you on developing a mug collection, offer our favorite songs to brew by, talk you through the chemistry lab adventure realness of home siphon brewing, and hopefully inspire a little coffee wonderment in the process.

We couldn’t have done it alone, which is why this book features the expert voices of some of our favorite coffee thinkers, including Freda Yuan (Sip & Slurp), Kyle Glanville (US Barista Champion and Go Get Em Tiger co-founder), Bud Taliaferro (Creature Coffee), Propaganda (@PropHipHop), Daniel Brown (Gilly Brew Bar), Andrea Allen (US Barista Champion and Onyx Coffee Lab co-founder), Karla Boza (Finca San Antonio Amatapec), Matt Rodbard (TASTE), Zac Cadwalader (Sprudge), James Lim (Watson’s Counter), Brent Wolczynski (Stumptown Cold Brew), Paul Einbund (The Morris Restaurant), Jonathan Rubinstein (Joe Coffee) and more.

We are excited and honored to present this book at the Accademia del Caffe Espresso and to join with friends and colleagues from the coffee community in Florence. We hope to see you there!

RSVP here to join us February 22nd at Accademia del Caffe Espresso. 

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